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Dr. Michael Hays has over 30 years of experience in dentistry and not only does dental teeth cleaning, but is also very skilled at more complicated procedures such as root canals or teeth extractions. Our routine dentistries include anesthesia, cleaning and polishing of the teeth, a completed chart of your pet's teeth, as well as x-rays if needed. Regular teeth brushing, dental exams, and dentals can all help keep your pet’s breath fresher and their overall health better. Call us today at 509-452-1262 to schedule your pet's dental exam and help keep those slobbery kisses at awwww and not ewwww.

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  • "Brought my kitty over mid treatment for urinary issues after a horrid experience with another vet. The staff were amazing and kitty loved them! Love love love this clinic!"
    Nancie C.
  • "Dr. Hays and his team are 100% dependable in providing the highest quality care for our 4 legged family members. I can count on them to be kind, efficient, and highly competent."
    Barbara A.

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