B.K. Hays


B.K. (Barn Kitty)

Clinic Kitty Extraordinare, Feline Executive Officer (FEO), Expert Snack, Treat, and Tidbit Taster (EST &TT), Best Spots for Napping expert (BSN)

I'm B.K. which is stands for Barn Kitty since I was rescued from a barn as a kitten. As a small kitten I decided that being an outdoor kitty was not for me. I was not fond of the outdoor elements especially the cold snow and there were many scary animals like coyotes.  I decided that being an indoor kitty was the best fit for my future goals of taking long naps and eating snacks. My decision for my future career choice, however, almost ended abruptly when I severely injured my leg. I was unable to run away from predators and couldn't  get to my food or water. For a very brief minute I had serious doubts that I might survive to accomplish my indoor kitty goals. Luckily for me, Dr. Ann rescued me and brought me to Terrace Heights Family Pet Clinic where I was able to have my leg examined and treated. I was back to leaping, jumping, and running around in no time at all. 

It became apparent that my special skills were a valued addition to the team and I was invited to become the FEO which I happily accepted.  Since than I have worked hard to accomplish my goals of becoming the expert in everything napping and treat related. I'm the resident Expert Snack, Treat, and Tidbit Taster as well as the Best Spots for Napping expert (BSN) I love being a member of the THFPC family and greatly enjoy my role as FEO, Clinic Kitty Extraordinaire, resident BSN and EST & TT. 

My hobbies include my daily fetching regiment and hanging out with my two best pup pals Izzy and Maki. We enjoy napping, eating snacks, taste tasting treats, and giving professional feedback on various cookies and tidbits. My expertise and knowledge of everything treat, tidbit, and snack related is very extensive, but I always welcome any new tidbits, treats, and snacks to try.  



Dr.Michael Hays

Dr.Michael HaysDr. Mike has had a lifelong love for animals and had aspired to be a veterinarian since he was in the 6th grade. Raised in Shelton, Wa near the beautiful waters of the Hood Canal, Dr. Mike was no stranger to small towns when he decided to move to Pullman, Washington to pursue his degree in veterinary medicine. In 1979, he graduated with his degree of Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine and started his first job in Everett, Washington.  In 1981 he decided to move to sunny Yakima, Washington and bought the South First Street Veterinary practice.  He practiced there until relocating to the Terrace Heights area in 1999 where he built his current practice Terrace Heights Family Pet Clinic. 

Dr. Mike enjoys all aspects of veterinary medicine including soft tissue, orthopedic surgery as well dentistry. An average day at Terrace Heights Family Pet Clinic normally includes procedures such as teeth cleanings, neuters, and spays (ovariohysterectomy) as well as yearly and diagnostic exams on cats and dogs. Treatments can include traditional veterinary medicine as well as nutritional counseling, nutraceuticals, and class IV laser treatments. The class IV laser is used to decrease pain and reduce healing times in our postoperative patients as well as treat chronic and acute pain . Dr. Mike is a member of the American Association of Feline Practitioners, the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management , the Washington State Veterinary Association, the American Veterinary Association, and the American Veterinary Dental Association. In his spare time Dr. Mike loves to go on walks with his dogs Isabell and Makarov, read mystery novels, and play golf.

Education: Washington State University graduated in 1979
Interests: General Veterinary Practice with interest in dentistry
Email: [email protected]

Jenn, Licensed Veterinary Technician


Jenn Floyd is a native of the Yakima Valley. She was born in Yakima and was raised in Selah. As a child she was very concerned with saving all creatures from frogs to mice to dogs and cats. But it was finding one puppy she named Savannah that really convinced Jenn that she wanted to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician. Savannah had had a rubber band placed around her tail probably in an attempt to dock her tail. Jenn ended up keeping Savannah and treating her tail. She found that nursing Savannah back to health was the career she wanted to pursue.

Jenn found becoming a Licensed Veterinary Technician was very convenient since Yakima Valley Community College had a program. So she completed her prerequisites and applied and was accepted to the LVT program at the community college. After two more years Jenn graduated as an LVT and joined the animal health care team at Terrace Heights Family Pet Clinic. Jenn nurses all her patients just as if they were her own. Her day can include performing dentals, taking blood work, assisting in surgery, and monitoring patients.

Jenn’s family includes not only her parents and her older brother’s family but also her little four legged furry family. The 5 dogs and 3 cats all have their own personalities and Jenn cherishes each one of them. All you have to do is ask them.

During good weather you can find Jenn camping with her family or friends. She enjoys movies, concerts and especially visiting her niece.


Kerri, Receptionist

Kerri, a passionate animal lover since childhood wanted to integrate her desire to help animals with her career. Her love for animals has inspired her to work with rescue groups to help find foster and forever homes for several needy animals. In her spare time Kerri enjoys watching movies with her husband Ryan, kayaking, and floating the river, 

B.K. Hays
Clinic Cat Extraordinare
Feline Executive Officer FEO, Treat and Tidbit Expert,



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  • "Brought my kitty over mid treatment for urinary issues after a horrid experience with another vet. The staff were amazing and kitty loved them! Love love love this clinic!"
    Nancie C.
  • "Dr. Hays and his team are 100% dependable in providing the highest quality care for our 4 legged family members. I can count on them to be kind, efficient, and highly competent."
    Barbara A.

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